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Re: api.kde.org: Can we assume that KDE4 is no more too much used?

On Tuesday, May 24, 2016 02:12:09 PM Olivier Churlaud wrote:
> Hi,
> Disclaimer: I'm *not* going to propose to get rid of the KDE4/3 
> documentation.
Good.  Otherwise, I'm happy for you to take care of what you think
needs to be done.  Thank you. 

> Currently the main page of api.kde.org is ugly and kind of messy. I 
> updated kapidox so that it generates a nice front page [1]. The idea of 
> course is that this page becomes the landing page.
> I propose to add an item at the bottom of the "List of our products" 
> which would be "Deprecated Products" . This would link to a page to 
> access the old libraries that are not generated by kapidox.
> A second option would be to put the link in the menu left (above "Search").
> What do you think? Is it reasonable for you? If someone is against that, 
> please tell it before the end of the month.
> Projects like akonadi or amarok or kdegames which provide public api but 
> are no frameworks should use kapidox do generate the documentation and 
> appear on the landing page. If you want this, please contact me for 
> help, I'll write documentation in the next weeks anyway.
> Cheers
> Olivier
> [1] http://api.kde.org/frameworks-api/frameworks5-apidocs/index.html