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[PoC] Looking for feedback about edk

I've been working on a simple Python script called edk [1].
The script can be used to build any cmake-based project by just
calling `edk` from the git root of the project.

The script is also able to install the project to (and run it from) a
custom location. All the required environment variables are set by the
script (XDG_DATA_DIRS, QT_PLUGIN_PATH, etc...).

edk is not meant to replace kdesrc-build. It does not download source
code and does not resolve the build-dependencies (it assumes they are
already satisfied).

I tried to make it as modular as possible. edk basically executes a
list of jobs. For example, it should be trivial to add a new NinjaJob
in order to use ninja in place of make.

Possible use cases:
- a new contributor wants to build just a single application from an
already existing Plasma environment.
- automatize workflow for existing developers.

Possible misuse cases:
- building frameworks or Plasma? I don't think it makes much sense to
use such a simple script for complex projects. But I may be wrong :-)

Please have a look and play with it. There is a README in [2].
I'm happy to get feedback about it :)

[1]: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=scratch%2Felvisangelaccio%2Fedk.git
[2]: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=scratch%2Felvisangelaccio%2Fedk.git&a=blob&h=999c8d9a27dcf126659cca4b5af71861ea66ab5a&hb=e848120c4141e3a479640c6c916ab3fac1853e50&f=README