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Re: mark kget obsolete?

Il 25 aprile 2016 03:40:33 CEST, Nick Shaforostoff <shafff@xxxxxxx> ha scritto:
>distro packagers note that libktorrent for kf5 conflicts with the one
>for kde4, which is needed for kget.
>kget for kf5 is in a semi-ported state now, and i wonder if anyone uses
>it at all. for example it has konqueror integration, but hey who uses
>konqueror nowadays? chromium, firefox and qupzilla (the most wayland
>friendly btw) have their own download managers.
>so i suggest either announce kget as being obsolete or finish its kf5
>porting (i.e. find someone who could scratch his own itch doing that).

Or why don't you make the new version of the library co-installable?