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Re: New location for Git commit template?

On Sun, April 24, 2016 15:12:58 John Layt wrote:
> > On Samstag, 23. April 2016 19:35:47 CEST Michael Pyne wrote:
> >> Well there is a kde-sdk-scripts repository already, though it's really
> >> more
> >> of a buffet of different, barely-related scripts than an a curated "we
> >> think *every* KDE dev should have these files with them".
> Do you mean kde-dev-scripts?

Yes, sorry for the confusion.

> On 24 April 2016 at 11:33, Thomas Pfeiffer <thomas.pfeiffer@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Therefore, from my perspective it would make sense to link to just put the
> > files we're discussing here in the kde-sdk-scripts repo (maybe in their
> > own
> > folder) and recommend to clone that repo in the wiki?
> > 
> > Would that make sense to you all?
> It looks a good place, but I agree we would need to tidy the repo up
> first, organise it into subfolders in line with the sections in the
> README, maybe remove old Qt3/KDE3 stuff or even KDE4 stuff. A rebrand
> from KDE may also be needed? (dfaure, your fingerprints are everywhere
> on this repo, are you maintainer for it?).

I'm actually technically the maintainer for it. Though that often means dfaure 
is really the maintainer in practice :(.

> I could also imagine a simple python script to ask a new dev for name,
> email, KDE account, root dir, etc and do a default setup depending on
> their dev goals (App vs Plasma vs Frameworks). Maybe scripts to
> install required packages for the big distros? All that sort of thing.
> But perhaps we should hear from the people who were planning the whole
> new dev experience and sdk thing at Randa? We'd need to sync up with
> what they are planning.

That would be a great idea indeed.

 - Michael Pyne