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Re: New location for Git commit template?

On 22 April 2016 at 13:15, Thomas Pfeiffer <thomas.pfeiffer@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> So, where should we put one now? Or is there already one someplace else?

I'd probably vote for KF5::KCoreAddons as it's the closest thing we
have to kdelibs. The reason it was in kdelibs rather than just on the
wiki was so that when it was changed everyone would automatically get
the updated version without having to do anything, and kdelibs was the
one place we could guarantee almost every dev would have checked out
and updated regularly. I'm not sure we have one place like that

If we had a proper sdk I'd say to put it there, so perhaps we finally
need a new repo for this and other things like a default .gitconfig,
.gitignore and other useful scripts, and maybe even default
kdesrc-build config files?


P.S. Thanks for the updates to the Git pages, been a while since I
last checked them for correctness! Reading them now, I think they need
a rewrite to remove all the SVN migration hand-holding that was their
original reason.