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Re: Could we enable Travis-CI on our github mirrors?

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 3:05 AM, Ben Cooksley <bcooksley@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Also, another -1 from me is because I don't think we should use GitHub
>>> more than a mere mirror.
>> It would still remain a mere mirror imho, i.e. strictly read-only. Btw do we
>> have some written rule about our github presence somewhere? It seems to me
>> that some KDE project uses github as their main development platform.
> Urls to those projects which "appear" to be using Github as their
> primary development platform would be appreciated.

I most certainly *always* link to code on github and to the documentation.

> Use of Github for anything other than mirror purposes, especially if
> it is being pushed as the primary means of making contributions is
> strictly prohibited under the Manifesto.

Except it isn't. Please point me to where it does.

> The projects included above
> can expect to hear from Sysadmin and will be requested to provide an
> explanation of their activities there to both us and
> kde-community@xxxxxxx.

Please provide more info about why this would be required.

Vishesh Handa