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Re: Could we enable Travis-CI on our github mirrors?

2016-04-21 8:30 GMT+02:00 Frederik Schwarzer <schwarzer@xxxxxxx>:
Am 21.04.2016 07:56 schrieb Teo Mrnjavac:


Can we call things as they are please? The name is "Travis CI", not
"githubCI". Travis CI is open source, a separate product and service that
happens to talk to GitHub.

I think Albert's concern is (and I agree) that the meaning of a potential Travis-hosted CI is shifting over time from "addition" to "main one". People tend to do this. Oh, this one feature here, oh, the easier login there ...

In general I think 3rd party services should be avoided to get an official status in KDE. Sourceforge suddenly started adding adware to all downloads. Github can do the same. Tomorrow, nezt week, next year. They might announce this first or they don't. The same way TravixCI could say, they now want money or put ads all over the place. We have no control over this at all. So it is better to invest some time and money to maintain our own infrastructure. It makes us independent from some management decision made by some company. Also, for an infrastructure inside KDE, we need people to work on it. If now people start to use 3rd party sevices, less people are looking at our infrastructure and it gets less attention. That's at least why I would vote against that kind of "additions" made official. If some developer wants to use something somewhere, I guess there is nothing to hold him back but KDE shoud remain as self-contained as possible. Wth all the little problems coming with this.

To be fair, similar concerns should then be raised lalso against our usage of Telegram (which seems to me less open than Travis, btw).