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Re: Could we enable Travis-CI on our github mirrors?

2016-04-20 23:09 GMT+02:00 Luca Beltrame <lbeltrame@xxxxxxx>:
Il giorno Wed, 20 Apr 2016 18:42:31 +0200
Elvis Angelaccio <elvis.angelaccio@xxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

> I think it would be nice to have travis builds for the (mirrored)
> repositories that provides a .travis.yml configuration file. The

-1. Aside the arguments moved by Albert, I add that the solution is
finding ways to help whoever is working on CI rather than offloading to
another service we do not control.

I don't see it as an offloading. More like a nice bonus to have. If it works, good. If not (because it breaks and we don't have control on it), who cares.
In a way, one could argue this is similar to the telegram case. We don't have control over telegram either, but it works for some people and it's not replacing the main communication channels. So it's just a nice addition to have.

Also, another -1 from me is because I don't think we should use GitHub
more than a mere mirror.

It would still remain a mere mirror imho, i.e. strictly read-only. Btw do we have some written rule about our github presence somewhere? It seems to me that some KDE project uses github as their main development platform.

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