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Could we enable Travis-CI on our github mirrors?

as many of you already know, KDE has a github mirror in place at [1].
I've been playing with travis-ci [2] and I was surprised by how easy to use and how well integrated with github is.

I think it would be nice to have travis builds for the (mirrored) repositories that provides a .travis.yml configuration file. The builds would run on the travis servers, so no additional overload on the KDE infrastructure. There is also virtually nothing to do for KDE sysadmins. The project's maintainer is the one in charge to setup the travis configuration file (if he wants to), in order to have working builds.

Would this be possible from a technical p.o.v.? I think the KDE github account would have to register on the travis website and "sync" its github repositories - that's what I had to do with my personal github account.

The use cases could be many. For example, on travis I can install optional dependencies that are not available on our Jenkins installation. More details in this post [3].

What do you think?