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appstream icons and the hicolor madness we have in KDE software


For the longest time I was annoyed by dolphin having a fishy icon in
discover, which as it turns out is because it uses a default icon name
so it gets a silly icon from a silly theme as appstream has no proper
way of handling this.


That lead me to notice that there is branding identity problem with
how most of our apps handle icons.
Our applications for the most part assume the default icon theme as
their icon, so discover's icon is the current breeze icon, kmail's
icon is the current breeze icon and so on and so forth. The problem is
that during oxygen times we did that explicitly (application icons
were to a large part maintained in the application repositories) form
which we moved away with breeze (application icons are only maintained
in the theme repository).

This leads to two problems:

1) Applications that are old enough to have been around in oxygen
times now install a oxygen-style hicolor icon (e.g. kmail here [1],
kwalletmanager [2]) and I suspect most authors are even unaware of

2) Unless we move maintenance out-of-theme (which is not going to
happen FWIW) there is no straight forward way I can find to get the
apps to use their intended default icon as per breeze without having
everyone copy the icon from breeze and then not get updates in case we
update the icon in the theme.

Thought everyone should know, and maybe someone can find solutions :/

2 probably ought to be dealt with before 1, at which point we probably
can use build.kde.org to do automated detection of icon origins by
doing pixmap comparision?
Dealing with the second problem is the somewhat greater and more
annoying problem. A possibly approach I could think of is make
breeze-icons an actual build-time dependency and have an ECM macro
that picks an icon from breeze an installs it into hicolor. I am not
sure that is all too lovely though.

[1] https://github.com/KDE/kdepim/blob/master/kmail/src/icons/64-apps-kmail.png
[2] https://github.com/KDE/kwalletmanager/blob/master/src/manager/64-apps-kwalletmanager.png