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Re: Future new Kapidox: I need some pointers to go further

On Sat, Apr 16, 2016 at 4:46 PM, Olivier Churlaud <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I worked on a new version of kapidox that would generate a the api
> documentation for all the kde products. I explain more in details below, but
> to be short: I would need advices and to know how this can be spread.
> Context
> =======
> During the CERN sprint about reorganizing Techbase, we talk had several
> discussions about the state of the art of KDE documentation.
> The observation is the following: developers don't have time to document and
> update their codes and the wikis, so the wikis are not up-to-date and users
> don't know where to find the information that is sometimes in a /doc or
> /examples folder in the git repository.
> To correct this, we came up with the solution to follow the Qt way: all the
> documentation would be generated by kapidox. That's what I worked on. It
> works already pretty good. You can find the current state of the project
> under my branch olivier/generate_all_repos.
> How does it work
> ================
> The KDE products are divided in libraries. A Product can be group containing
> libraries ('Frameworks', 'Calligra(?)') or unique library ('KIPI'). A group
> can be subdivided in subgroups (tiers,...) or not.
> We define for each library at least: a name, maintainer, platforms,
> description that can use it. I have some local documentation about all this
> but it's not so clean and it still change while I develop it. Before giving
> you the exact syntax, I need some answers...

I'm not super sure of what you're aiming for. What's the difference
from what we currently do? You plan to generate api documentation for
all KDE projects?