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Re: Future new Kapidox: I need some pointers to go further

On Saturday, April 16, 2016 4:46:17 PM CEST Olivier Churlaud wrote:
> Here is my questions
> ====================
> * Currently we use a combination of config.kapidox and metainfo.yml (the
> latter beeing used in the frameworks). However while writing the code, I
> realized that most of the basic projects wouldn't need so much and that
> almost everything we need is in metainfo.yml: Can we expend the
> metainfo.yml and ask all projects to follow our proposition?

Just the other week I suggested on the plasma-mailinglist to introduce 
metainfo.yml for all our repositories with some extensions. So I fully support 
this effort!

> * When my kapidox completely works, how can I push the projects to
> follow the metainfo.yml pattern we decided and to populate the website?

I would say just go for updating the metainfo in all projects. And best 
delegate it like sending a mail with the exact structure to all mailing lists 
and get the maintainers do the work ;-)


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