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Future new Kapidox: I need some pointers to go further


I worked on a new version of kapidox that would generate a the api documentation for all the kde products. I explain more in details below, but to be short: I would need advices and to know how this can be spread.

During the CERN sprint about reorganizing Techbase, we talk had several discussions about the state of the art of KDE documentation.

The observation is the following: developers don't have time to document and update their codes and the wikis, so the wikis are not up-to-date and users don't know where to find the information that is sometimes in a /doc or /examples folder in the git repository.

To correct this, we came up with the solution to follow the Qt way: all the documentation would be generated by kapidox. That's what I worked on. It works already pretty good. You can find the current state of the project under my branch olivier/generate_all_repos.

How does it work
The KDE products are divided in libraries. A Product can be group containing libraries ('Frameworks', 'Calligra(?)') or unique library ('KIPI'). A group can be subdivided in subgroups (tiers,...) or not.

We define for each library at least: a name, maintainer, platforms, description that can use it. I have some local documentation about all this but it's not so clean and it still change while I develop it. Before giving you the exact syntax, I need some answers...

Here is my questions
* Currently we use a combination of config.kapidox and metainfo.yml (the latter beeing used in the frameworks). However while writing the code, I realized that most of the basic projects wouldn't need so much and that almost everything we need is in metainfo.yml: Can we expend the metainfo.yml and ask all projects to follow our proposition? [This is currently the blocking question: I cannot go further if I don't know the file syntax and what I can do or not do].
* When my kapidox completely works, how can I push the projects to follow the metainfo.yml pattern we decided and to populate the website?

Thank you for your advices.

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