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Re: Fedora 23 Crash in VM

On Monday 04 April 2016 10:54 AM, Sayan Biswas wrote:

Yesterday I was trying to install Fedora 23 Plasma version in my VMware. There was an unusual behaviour in the system. As soon as I updated the system and installed some of the packages using "yum" (like KF5, cmake etc), the screen turned white and the VM became unresponsive.

I manually deleted all the VM files from the drive and tried installing it again. Again there was no luck but this time I figured out before the screen going all white there was a notification that was thrown before freezing! I was not lucky enough to check what was written in the notification.

The system specification that I have allocated to VM are as follows:-

# 4GB Main Memory
# 100GB Secondary Memory
# 2 processors
# 2 cores per processor
# NAT type network (the wifi and ethernet settings were working perfectly, tested)

And last but not the least VM I am using is VM WorkStation version 10.1 (its 2 years old and I was too lazy to update it also)
Try using Virtual Box package. You might get lucky there. :)

Thanks and Regards,