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Modify default panel

Dear all,

I hope it is appropriate to ask here...
I'm trying to switch a student computer pool from KDE4 to Plasma (5.4, openSUSE 42.1)

I'd like to include some applications (e.g. doplhin, konsole) in the default panel.
New accounts and users who messed up their panel should have accesss to this panel.

As far as I found out, the appropriate place would to configure this would be
Is there any way to include applications (not only widgets) in this file?

(There has been a way in KDE4, but it doesn't work in Plasma:
tasks.currentConfigGroup = new Array("Launchers")
tasks.writeConfig("filemanager", "preferred://filemanager, , , ")
tasks.writeConfig("terminal", "preferred://terminal, , , ")

Thanks a lot,

Dr. Achim Mildenberger
IT-Admin, Fakultaet Physik, Karlsruher Institut f. Technologie
Mail: admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tel.: ++49 721 608 43578
Fax.: ++49 721 608 943578