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Your requirements for distributions

Hi everyone,
as most of you probably know, recently we have started KDE's Distribution 
Outreach Program [1]. One of the goals of that program is to help 
distributions in creating an environment where our software works best.

To do that, we must of course first know what kind of environment that is. For 
this, I have started an Etherpad [2] to collect information from you on what 
distros should do to make our user's experience the best.

This can be anything which improves the experience but cannot be defined in a 
cmake file, from kernel modules that should or should not be loaded, to file 
systems or I/O schedulers known to work well or not so well with our software, 
graphics drivers (for which cards should proprietary drivers be recommended, 
for which open-source ones?), udev rules, login manager settings and whatnot.

I've called the Etherpad "Requirements", but you can put mere recommendations 
in there, too, of course.

Whenever you think "I'd wish distributions would do X, this would make things 
so much easier for us", please put that X into the Etherpad.

I'm not subscribed to kde-devel, so if you have any questions or comments I 
should know about, please CC me.


[1] https://dot.kde.org/2016/03/03/announcing-kde-communitys-distribution-outreach-program
[2] https://notes.kde.org/p/KDE_Distro_Requirements