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Re: Trouble in setting up qt libraries in emerge

> I download qt libraries and install it
> the command :
> emerge qt ;
> the error :
> emerge error: SHA1 hash for file C:\k\download\svn-win32-1.8.8-1.zip
> (e9b72154fcd3fdd28c23a3ee64d33ba1a08714b0) does not  match
> (917f34143b259d8f03a9860a5c5996ba6943abc6)
The last line with "emerge error" states the actual problem, doesn't it? It's 
about svn for windows and not about Qt. Looks like something is wrong with 
your setup, emerge expects another version of the file than you're trying to 
install. This is neither related to Qt, nor to KDE.