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Mentor for my GSoC 2016 Project for Dolphin

Hi everyone!

I am a first year CSc undergraduate at BITS, Pilani - Hyderabad Campus. I am very interested in working for KDE for GSoC 2016. I have come up with an original idea for the Dolphin file manager to make it much easier to select files from multiple directories. A brief abstract of my project is given below: 

"Selecting multiple files in any file manager for copying and pasting has never been a pleasant experience, especially if the files are in a non-continuous order. Often, when selecting files using Ctrl+A or the selection tool, we find that we need to select only a subset of the required files we have selected. This leads to the unwieldy operation of removing files from our selection. Of course, the common workaround is to create a new folder and to put all the items in this folder prior to copying, but this is a very inefficient and very slow process if large files need to be copied. Moreover, the use of Ctrl+Click to select files is not a user-friendly operation - it requires fine motor control to not accidentally release the Ctrl key which will cause one to lose the entire selection of files. 

This project is an original idea with a novel solution to this problem. My solution is to add a virtual folder in Dolphin where the links to files and folders can be temporarily saved for a session. The files and folders are "staged" on this virtual folder. Files can be added to this by using a right-click context menu option, using the mouse scroll click, or by drag and drop. Hence, complex file operations such as moving files across many devices can be made easy by staging the operation before performing it. This interaction also reduces dependency on fine motor control actions."

My complete proposal has been uploaded on the GSoC 2016 website and the link for my proposal is this: https://goo.gl/UHyUoD

This project will make significant use of C++ and Qt. The implementation of this will be accomplished with a KIO Slave and hence the project will make use of Baloo's indexing service. At this stage, I have found a backup co-mentor (Pinak Ahuja) for my project and I am looking for a main mentor for my project. Hence, I would be much obliged for the response of any developers who are interested in mentoring me for my project! 

I look forward to hear the feedback of the community and potential mentors on this idea : )

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely yours
arnav dhamija