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Plasma desktop scripting


A simple question:


Are the instructions for Plasma desktop scripting in the above link for Plasma 4 or Plasma 5?

In the above link the activity creating API is:

var activityId = newActivity("org.kde.plasma.folderview")

However in Kubuntu 15.10 the syntax in layout.js is:

var id = createActivity("Desktop");
var desktopsArray = desktopsForActivity(id);

I've spent months trying to customize Plasma 5 Desktop but very frustrated.  I've tried to ask in the mailing list and irc channels but no luck.  (Please don't get me wrong.  I'm not blaming anyone for this.)  Would anyone please just tell me this simple question:  Is the information in the Techbase wiki (now Userbase wiki) up-to-date?  If not, is there any documents for Plasma 5 Desktop scripting for now?

If not, I may not have choices but to give up using KDE Plasma 5 as the default desktop in our system.