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How to properly install app icons?

I would like to discuss whether/how KDE applications should install their application icons (i.e. the icon that you see in the plasma menu and in the app titlebar).

I see that different apps do different things. Some applications don't install any icon at all (e.g. Dolphin), some install old oxygen icons (e.g. Kate, Ark, Gwenview), some install breeze icons (e.g. Cantor).

So I have the following questions:

1. Should KDE apps install their app icon even if it's already in breeze? From what I understand, icons installed by the apps are used as fallback if breeze is not installed, so that would answer this first question. But then why some apps don't install any fallback?

2. Is enough to install the app icon in .svg (or svgz) format? Why do some app install also 16x16 or 48x48 .png icons?

3. Should we update these app icons from Oxygen to Breeze?