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Re: Review Request 127368: [KFileMetaData] Added support for external writer plugins

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Fix it, then Ship it!

Looks good. Fix and ship to your branch.

Write a test for this, fix the previous test and we can then merge to master.

src/externalwriter.cpp (Diff revision 1)

Read stderr from the writer process and dump it via qDebug()?

- Boudhayan Gupta

On March 14th, 2016, 1:46 a.m. IST, Varun Joshi wrote:

Review request for Baloo, Boudhayan Gupta and Pinak Ahuja.
By Varun Joshi.

Updated March 14, 2016, 1:46 a.m.

Repository: kfilemetadata


1. Added an ExternalWriter Class that helps load plugins 2. Modify WriterCollection to include external writers 2. Added a pdfwriter that is written in Python.


  • src/CMakeLists.txt (a5490856a51aa2f59389ee963f3430c1ce5c60d5)
  • src/externalwriter.h (PRE-CREATION)
  • src/externalwriter.cpp (PRE-CREATION)
  • src/writercollection.cpp (PRE-CREATION)
  • src/writers/CMakeLists.txt (PRE-CREATION)
  • src/writers/externalwriters/CMakeLists.txt (PRE-CREATION)
  • src/writers/externalwriters/pdfwriter/main.py (PRE-CREATION)
  • src/writers/externalwriters/pdfwriter/manifest.json (PRE-CREATION)

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