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Re: Nepomuk in 4.13 and beyond

Hi Vishesh, hi guys,

I'm sorry to short-circuit the thread. I deleted Vishesh's original email by mistake...

Well, that sounds really exciting ! Thanks again for your work.

Here are a few thoughts/questions I have since you've made the announcement. They might be a bit technical, I hope that's not a problem (should I start a new thread ?).

* What are the plans to store tags ? On OSX, tags are stored in files xattrs which is -IMHO- very nice :
  - Metadata live and die with the file ;
  - No "store" query when you move or copy a file ;
  - You don't rely on a "store" to tag files ;
  - You also don't end with a huge store full of unuseful things like it used to happen with Nepomuk some time ago (no offense) ;
  - You can easily backup the metadata (at least files metadata) : you just have to use a decent backup tool that handles xattrs ;
  - It's CLI-friendly ;
  - ...

* What are the plans to store indexes ? Again, with OSX (sorry, I work a lot with Macs -maybe too much-), the system builds an index per volume. This is quite nice because when you connect a volume that has already been indexed, the system gets the information and can immediatly search the volume index. Let's take an example : let's say you have some remote storage (NAS or whatever) at home with your medias. You mount this remote volume and let the indexers do their stuff. Then you mount the volume from another device and *tadaaa*, you're able to query the previously-built index. Wouldn't that be awesome ? If you disconnect the volume, the index for this volume isn't available anymore and you don't get results for it. This also means that if one index gets corrupted, you don't have to scan and index every volume again. I think this would also solve Ignacio's issue.

* You probably already know it, but SQLite DB might have some problems when stored on remote filesystems (see: http://www.sqlite.org/wal.html and especially "All processes using a database must be on the same host computer; WAL does not work over a network filesystem."). So if you plan to store each index on its volume (as previously suggested), SQLite might not be the (best) solution.

* Will there be several separated indexers (one for PDF files, one for video files, ...) or just one that takes care of everything ? I was thinking about the ability to add indexers that could retrieve stuff from the Internet. For example, have an indexer that could retrieve movie information from TheMovieDB.org.

* I hope there will be a nice query API ? Dealing with Sparql was a nightmare for me !

* Will it come with a QML DataEngine ?

Thanks a lot,


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