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GTK3+ Question regarding LPGL

Dear Team,


We are currently making an application with the Gtk3+ system to create configuration software for our Ubuntu based system – a commercial system.

We have seen that you wrote that the software is LGPL and we evaluated the pkg-config used, finding out, that it links static, as we read everything, the LGPL states that in case we link static, we have to provide all source to the recipients – possibly, which rather a “small” problem, as the code also includes confidential routines and information.


So my questions is, is there a useful whitepaper how to link dynamically, which also might not be a bad idea, or, whether you allow us to link static for the project – how is your standard procedure for that?


It would be great to hear from you. You might enjoy what we have created with your product as well – optically and from the point of view of function…


Greetings from Central America

Guido Woltmann




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