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The screenshot of win10 shows there are a lot of things in it. Image if we put all things use gtk, how the interface could be, I think the interface should be at least 1.5 bigger than win10. I think the interface written by gtk is not compact enough and is hard to be compact.

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发件人: "Carsten Mattner"<carstenmattner@xxxxxxxxx>;
发送时间: 2017年10月29日(星期天) 凌晨3:32
收件人: "weidong"<1015490825@xxxxxx>;
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主题: Re: screenshot of win10 and ubuntu

On 10/23/17, weidong <1015490825@xxxxxx> wrote:
> take a look of attached files, I hope someday interface written
> by gtk will as beautiful as windows.

tl;dr: perception is subjective, GTK+ and Qt can be skinned,
and there are Windows 8/10 skins for GTK+ if want one.

Tastes are very personal and user friendliness is also subjective,
since you are part of the group that likes those 1980's style
flat, empty, mostly white interfaces with little contrast.
I accept that fact that I'm not part of that group, so it's fair
to say it's not a general assessment that this Windows screenshot
looks in any way better than that of Ubuntu.

Windows XP/2003 were the last version (pre-Aereo) where, even though
resource "hacking" basically DLLs, you could skin Windows natively,
after patching. So not quite native.

I'm super grateful for Qt and GTK+ being customisable via stylesheets,
unlike Windows or macOS. I can still have a user friendly, eye friendly
UI, while not being forced into a static theme.

I mean, I have a hard time using those glaring white UIs where you
have a lot of empty white space and little contrast. On top of that,
the loss of 3D widgets removes one of the 1990s achievements in
mainstream GUIs, namely being able to easily tell what is interactive
in which way. So I very much love GTK+2 Adwaita and Industrial for
that, and customise GTK+3 with a theme to restore some of that while
not wasting as much space as the large widgets and spacing of default
Adwaita 3.22 does.
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