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Re: Tutorial for writing widgets in Gtk3

26.07.2018 20:21 Scott Mayo via gtk-list <gtk-list@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I’ll second this. Gtk is complex, with three layers (gtk, gdk, g). Then there
> are separate pieces like pango and Cairo. It’s not obvious how it all fits
> together and a slew of depreciation makes it hard to untangle.
> What’s needed is a full blooded example. Start from main and show a pure gtk+3
> app that takes button press, mouse moves, text entry and keystrokes, and uses
> them to update labels with different markup options. Throw in a clock display
> to show timers. Use multiple threads to show how to add idle functions. Use
> css.
> [...]

This sounds like a book rather than an example.

There's nothing wrong with a book, I'm just not sure anyone is going
to write one in a response to a mailing thread.


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