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Re: XTestFakeKeyEvent GDK-equivalent


On 07/05/2018 02:40 PM, Anarchean via gtk-list wrote:

I'm working into implementing a virtual remote keyboard/touch pad daemon for Linux, currently I'm dumping events into an uinput device, but that is giving me some trouble with my keyboard layout (which is brazillian, br-abnt2). I was looking for a way to this in X, found XTestFakeKeyEvent and was wondering if I could make it simpler and cross-platform using GDK3. I tried this attached code, but it doesn't do anything. I was wondering if someone has done this before and know what I'm doing wrong or if I should just give up doing with GDK.

Perhaps something like this? https://developer.gnome.org/gdk3/stable/gdk3-Testing.html#gdk-test-simulate-key

Eric Williams
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