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gio and HTTPS


on my system I compiled almost everything myself.  I have a symlink
/usr/local/lib64/gio <-> /usr/local/lib/gio , as autoconf install and
meson installs use by default lib / lib64 respectively.  In gio/modules
I have

giomodule.cache  libdconfsettings.so  libgiognomeproxy.so  libgiognutls
.so  libgiolibproxy.so  libgioopenssl.so

with giomodule.cache containing:
libdconfsettings.so: gsettings-backend
libgiognomeproxy.so: gio-proxy-resolver
libgiognutls.so: gio-tls-backend
libgiolibproxy.so: gio-proxy-resolver
libgioopenssl.so: gio-tls-backend

and (because of epiphany) in .bashrc also:

export GIO_USE_TLS=gnutls

First problem, when Evolution opens a FBURL to Schedule a meeting it
GFile* file = g_file_new_for_url("https://example.int/fdsalfdfreebusy/u
GFIleInputStream zzz = g_file_read(file, NULL, &error);

and from that moment error->message is "Operation not supported".

How to tweak Glib/GIO to be able to open HTTPS?

Second problem:

On my system, when I connect a device over USB and MTP Nautilus does
not show thumbnails, but Nautilus shows thumbnails for the same files,
when they are local to the machine.  I can also copy files with
Nautilus over USB to local.   I guess this is the same problem as the
first one.

Is there anything I can use to verify that GIO/GVFS  work correctly for
MTP over USB or do you have an idea what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for your answer
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