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Re: How to remove GTK entry border?

Thanks Timm,

I draw a light border myself, so the text entry is quite visible.

I forgot to mention that I already tried gtk_entry_set_has_frame(entry, FALSE).

I'll try it with GTK 3.


On 26 March 2018 at 14:34, Timm Bäder <mail@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm not going to question an entry without any visible border here for a
second. GtkEntry has a has-frame property you can set to FALSE which
will add the .flat style class to it, and themes *should* disable the
border in that case.

You are also aware that gtk4 is not stable?

If you want to completely force the entry to not have any border,
"entry{border: none; box-shadow: none; }" in the inspector gets rid of
it for me, but that's using adwaita.

On 26.03, Alexander Medvednikov wrote:
> Hello,
> Right now my textbox looks like this:
> https://i.imgur.com/cK5tDjd.png
> I want there to be no border at all. I tried the following code without any
> luck:
> GtkCssProvider *provider = gtk_css_provider_new ();
> gtk_css_provider_load_from_data (GTK_CSS_PROVIDER (provider),
> "entry, .entry, GtkEntry { border-width:0px ; }",
> -1, NULL);
> GdkDisplay *display = gdk_display_get_default ();
> GdkScreen *screen = gdk_display_get_default_screen (display);
> gtk_style_context_add_provider_for_screen (screen, GTK_STYLE_PROVIDER
> I'm using libgtk-4-0/artful 3.90.0-0ubuntu2 amd64
> Thanks a lot!
> -Alex

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