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Re: How do we get GTYPE from gobject introspection language bindings

On Fri, 2017-09-29 at 04:45 +0000, Gergely Polonkai wrote:
> As a side note, STRING probably refers to https://developer.gnome.org
> /glib/stable/glib-Strings.html which is a more OO string
> implementation. G_TYPE_STRING being gchararray is of more close
> relation with C strings (except it consists of gchars instead of
> chars.)

Yes, that can be the reason for my observation that I got a non zero
result for g-type-from-name("GSTRING").

I think guessing the other names is easier, it should be gint, gfloat
or widget names like GtkEntry.

I have added the listview example to the mini tutorial, see bottom of


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