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Re: Flickering with Socket and Plug

> If the GtkSocket and GtkPlug can be fixed they should be. They have
> worked at least through version 3.18 and have never been deprecated. It
> would be a good thing if they worked for all of GTK3 and the last stable
> version of 3.22 for consistency.

Ok, I've reported the bug here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=788367
Anything I can improve in the report or add more information?

I wonder if there will be a replacement for GtkSocket and GtkPlug in Gtk4.

> It looks like it has something to do with double buffering but I haven't
> been able to figure the problem out or find a work around.

This was my very first assumption as well. I tried many things actually before posting on the gtk-list. But I have not found a workaround. I've also created my own double buffering by drawing into an offscreen image and afterwards painting it. But even painting this single image resulted in flickering, at least less often.

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