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Re: Font selection panel as part of notebook

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 10:54 PM,  <cecashon@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> A widget has encapsulated functionality that the designer of the widget does
> not expect you to use or see in your application code. Changing a "private"
> widget may have negative consequences for how the widget works. If a widget
> doesn't have the functionality that you need then file a feature request in
> bugzilla so that it can be implemented. Or, create your own widget.
> Is it illegal? No, and I would say it is something, as a developer, it is
> good to look at. You would want to look at the code of how the widget you
> are changing works to see if it is OK to do so. The font selection widget is
> deprecated so I don't think anymore changes are going to be made to it. A
> widget developer can change the private structure at any time which could
> break code that depends on a certain structure. Your code would be at risk
> of not working even across minor version changes in GTK. You are probably
> fairly safe that this widgets internal structure isn't going to change
> though. That isn't true for a lot of widgets.

OK, understood.

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