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Re: Font selection panel as part of notebook

A widget has encapsulated functionality that the designer of the widget does not expect you to use or see in your application code. Changing a "private" widget may have negative consequences for how the widget works. If a widget doesn't have the functionality that you need then file a feature request in bugzilla so that it can be implemented. Or, create your own widget.

Is it illegal? No, and I would say it is something, as a developer, it is good to look at. You would want to look at the code of how the widget you are changing works to see if it is OK to do so. The font selection widget is deprecated so I don't think anymore changes are going to be made to it. A widget developer can change the private structure at any time which could break code that depends on a certain structure. Your code would be at risk of not working even across minor version changes in GTK. You are probably fairly safe that this widgets internal structure isn't going to change though. That isn't true for a lot of widgets.

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