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Re: Flickering with Socket and Plug

Hi Rene,

It looks like you are trying to paint a surface 100 times every 16ms. Maybe not such a good thing to do. If you are looking to animate a drawing, GTK has a frame clock that is easy to use.

The plug and socket are separate programs. You would start your socket and add one or more plugs to it. Each plug is running as it's own process. It is some extra work to do this and there are a few different approaches for drawing that I would use before going this route. I sort of think that if I was running a bunch of complicated OpenGL windows on x11, maybe give it a try.

There is some socket and plug test code at the following.


I just added a frame clock to the plug. If you are looking to animate a drawing in a plug that might be of some help.

If you are programming in C++, the gtkmm tutorial is very good.


Break apart your code into a plug and socket and change your drawing a little and see if that flickering still occurs.


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