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GTK windows positioning and sizing

On windows, GTK is totally fubar'ed. I've spent about 3 days wasting my life trying to simply save and restore the positions of a window. It should be as easy as getPosition and setPosition and getSize and resize. It would be nice if the people that actually wrote the windows code worked together and even tested it out.

First, there is a bug in move because the x coordinate for top level windows is being treated as being centered, the y coordinate is not. resize does take in to account the titlebar height so, if the screen height is 1000 and you do a resize(-, 1000) your window is actually extending outside the screen. This would be fine if you could actually get the correct size but different methods to get the sizes include the titlebar and border.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it! I know it must be hard to do things right and windows is shit anyways... no one uses it.
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