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RE: Vala runtime error when inserting child button on Gtk.TextView

Hey Guys,

I was able to find a solution to my problem.  In Vala, after inserting the child button I re-set the TextIterator to the end position of the TextBuffer.  Seems to have solved the issue.  Here is the updated code:

     //button to show person window:
      LinkButton linkButton = new LinkButton();
      linkButton.label = "edit";
      linkButton.LinkedEntity = person;
      linkButton.clicked.connect (this.show_person_window);

      //attach the button
      TextChildAnchor anchor = bufferResults.create_child_anchor(iter);
      textviewResults.add_child_at_anchor(linkButton, anchor);
      bufferResults.get_end_iter(out iter);  // <----  This Fixes the runtime error.

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