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Re: Past and future evolution of Gtk+

On 09/18/2017 07:39 AM, Carsten Mattner wrote:
> Ian, Qt and FLTK have GUI builders and FLTK generates code, not markup.
> Qt is used heavily with the declarative variant QML in entertainment
> systems of cars and such. If QML is something that works for you
> and the licensing is compatible, then consider a lunch break checking
> it out.

Like Gtk, Qt can also work directly with an XML interface definition
file.  In Gtk, you can use the GtkBuilder class to parse a glade UI file
(which is XML), and generate the in-memory objects for that UI, and
interact with it just as if you had created it manually with gtk_*_new()

Likewise, Qt has something similar.  The equivalent to Glade is called
Qt Designer (often /usr/bin/designer or /usr/bin/designer-qt5).  It
creates .ui files that are XML similar to how Glade does it.  Qt has a
component called uic which translates the XML files into C++ code. But
you can do it dynamically at runtime, similar to GtkBuilder.  The class
is called QuiLoader.

Mind you Qt is a competitor for Gtk+ only if you don't want to code in C.
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