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Re: How to get a "traditional" file-chooser

Hi Carsten,

> Take the Raleigh CSS theme in gtk.git for
> example. In some 3.x release it stopped working altogether and is now
> a ghost of the early 3.x version. It's basically broken because
> deprecated although still installed.

And I thought I am the only one how misses Raleigh :/

> bugs with Gtk3 that never surface when you use Gtk3 in GNOME3 with the
> GNOME3 compositor but fail to properly/smoothly draw under everything
> else, including XFCE, Sway and compton.
> PS: There are bugzilla tickets for the regressions I describe.

And yes, being an xfce user I even filed one of those tickets.

As I don't have the time to fix issues, I guess I have to live with
how the state of GTK3 is (GNOME centric).
I am already considering Notepad++ on Wine as an alternative to Geany
on GTK3 once they migrate.
While it seems to work stable, text rendering performance
seems to suffer from API emulation.

Greetings, Clemens
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