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Re: Past and future evolution of Gtk+

On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 9:39 AM, Carsten Mattner
<carstenmattner@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 9/18/17, Ian Chapman <ichapman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> This is not a troll, only a trawler as in fishing boat. I found the
>> discourse on “traditional file chooser” quite interesting and
>> informative. I'm using glade 3.18.3 and I'm able to do useful work so
>> possibly I'm off subject.
>> Point 1
>> In glade I can select GtkMenuItem and GtkImageMenuItem and when I look
>> at the GTK+ 3 Reference Manual the latter is depreciated. It's working
>> great so I wonder what depreciated actually implies? At some time in the
>> future will it vanish and working software will fail or simply fail to
>> compile on the newer distribution?
> That's how I interpret it. Case in point Raleigh theme which was never,
> from what I can tell, intended to be a replacement for the Gtk2 Raleigh
> theme. It didn't look right and now it just looks completely broken.
> If something is supposed to be removed, there's no need to make 3.x
> seem like it supports it and remove it in 4.x, when the version in 3.x
> isn't supported and working by sheer luck. This is what I read from the
> info I can gather and not meant to be an attack. I'm just trying to stitch
> together a picture.
>> Point 2
>> Lots of acronyms were mentioned. Qt was one and it's in the LMDE
>> repositories. Wiki has a long list of GUIs in
>> “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_widget_toolkits”; but only a few
>> could be of interest. In any case there would be a learning curve to use
>> any them and maybe no glade which greatly simplifies Gtk for me. Is
>> there an evaluation on these alternative GUIs?
> With all due respect and apologies to the list admins, allow me to
> answer this here although it's kinda advertising for "competitors".
> Ian, Qt and FLTK have GUI builders and FLTK generates code, not markup.
> Qt is used heavily with the declarative variant QML in entertainment
> systems of cars and such. If QML is something that works for you
> and the licensing is compatible, then consider a lunch break checking
> it out.
> If you're writing engineering software that doesn't have requirement
> that mandate Qt or Gtk, then FLTK or IUP have been used successfully
> in that domain.
> Qt has Haskell bindings (Qtah).
> wxWidgets has Gtk2, Gtk3, Qt5 backends and bindings pretty much
> everywhere, but there's no GUI builder I know of.

wxWidgets does have GUI builders - wxGlade, wxFormBuilder, wxCrafter to
name a few.
It also works on both MS Windows and OSX without any issues.

If you requirements are to have a "native look and feel" of the software
then wxWidgets is the way to go.

The license is free for both O/S and commercial applications.

It has bindings for all popular languages - Python, Perl, Ruby.

On Linux GTK is the most developed and most mature port.
wxQt is relatively new and wxX11 (so called Universal) is not actively
developed. wxMotiff is really outdated and will be removed in future versions.

Thank you.

> FLTK has a GUI builder and the Haskell bindings also generate
> Haskell code when using the GUI builder. Just in case you had
> interest in a different language.
> IUP is plain C and has been used in many brazilian industrial
> applications. Check the screenshots section.
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