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Re: Past and future evolution of Gtk+

This is not a troll, only a trawler as in fishing boat. I found the discourse on “traditional file chooser” quite interesting and informative. I'm using glade 3.18.3 and I'm able to do useful work so possibly I'm off subject.

Point 1

In glade I can select GtkMenuItem and GtkImageMenuItem and when I look at the GTK+ 3 Reference Manual the latter is depreciated. It's working great so I wonder what depreciated actually implies? At some time in the future will it vanish and working software will fail or simply fail to compile on the newer distribution?

Point 2

Lots of acronyms were mentioned. Qt was one and it's in the LMDE repositories. Wiki has a long list of GUIs in “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_widget_toolkits” but only a few could be of interest. In any case there would be a learning curve to use any them and maybe no glade which greatly simplifies Gtk for me. Is there an evaluation on these alternative GUIs?

Regards Ian.

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