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Re: How to get a "traditional" file-chooser

On Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 1:43 PM, Chris Moller <moller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My point in my original post was that a toolkit should, above all, be
> useful, preferably in as wide a range of uses as possible.  And, by that
> measure, GTK2 was a great deal more useful, at least in certain
> environments, than GTK3.  Not every app needs the stylistic consistency
> offered by a fairly complex CSS paradigm.  The code I write is primarily in
> aid of technical visualisation involving cairographics in a drawing area,
> OpenGL, and so on, and usually involves a complex UI containing lots and
> lots of spinbutton widgets and similar controls.  Screen space is a premium,
> a pretty UI is not, and there some things that, so far as I've been able to
> discover, you just can't do with the GTK3 CSS mechanism that are trivial to
> do under GTK2.

If you fail to bend GTK to your will and Qt also doesn't fit, I think FLTK
is used in the domain you describe. Not sure about Fox but FLTK is
used for applications like that. In case you start looking for alternatives.
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