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Re: How to get a "traditional" file-chooser

On 9/15/2017 9:28 PM, Clemens Eisserer wrote:
> I actually sat down and compared GTK2 and GTK3 regarding the file-chooser.
> The one and only thing that really bothers me is GTK3 starting a
> search immediatly when I start typing a file-name, where I only would
> like it to jump to the file/folder that starts with the letters I just
> typed.
> Is there any know to turn that instant-search feature off and return
> to the more traditional "select on type" mode?

This was discussed a few months ago (June of this year):

ebassi: LRN: find-as-you-type is gone, and no: it won't come back
ebassi: As long as we have search embedded into the file chooser
ebassi: Having two search methods, with conflicting semantics, and the same
trigger ("start typing") is not going to work
ebassi: Improving the search so that it returns local results first, maybe with
a sort order that favours exact starting matches could be considered
ebassi: Full-Text Search for file contents is also in progress for Nautilus, so
we should do the same on the file selector
LRN: what about
LRN: that would be slightly more complicated than type-to-go-to-file, but it
would be a matter of habit, i guess
mclasen: I should take a few days off and revisit the file chooser... but given
the outcome of my last attempt, I'm dreading it
ebassi: "start typing then press Tab then press Enter"?
ebassi: The file chooser is a small application in and of itself :-/
csoriano: as crazy as it sounds...I pondered that maybe gtkfilechooser and
nautilus should use the same base
csoriano: views, search, cache...
csoriano: they are doing basically the same
LRN: right now this works as "type-to-search", then ctrl+alt+o on the file you
need to open its location
csoriano: LRN: are you fine with the search in nautilus for type-ahead use?
LRN: csoriano, no, but i'm not going to piss against the wind. ALso, it's not
like i'm using Nautilus a lot...
LRN: Or maybe i don't understand the question (what is "type-ahead use",
mclasen: csoriano: the search engine code is more or less copy-paste already, no ?
LRN: As for the Ctrl+Alt+O, it works, but not quite as i want - it opens the
location, but doesn't move the cursor to the file
csoriano: mclasen: kinda
csoriano: mclasen still you miss all the search filter we implemented
LRN: so if the file was, for example, in ~/, which has lots of files, i'm right
where i started
grawity: I don't mind the search much, but if I had to list specific
disadvantages: 1) the first result is often unpredictable � in type-ahead,
pressing 'h' would give you the first item named "H�", while in search you get
whatever random item happens to *contain* 'h', so you can't quickly jump around
with letter + Enter anymore
grawity: in fact the entire result order appears semi-random
ebassi: grawity: That's just a sorting problem
grawity: that's imho why people tend to complain about it � they're used to
rapidly navigating like "m Enter h Down Down Enter o Enter"
ebassi: And, "find as you type" was also a misnomer; it's an Easter Egg on par
to Tab completion
ebassi: It's for navigating, not for finding
ebassi: But, again: it shares the same interaction as the search, so one of
them has to go, unless you want to make a mess
LRN: well, use a different sorting for search results, and maybe also separate
local and non-local results more clearly...and maybe add a shortcut for "go to
file"...that could work...i guess
LRN: i'd have to re-adjust anyway, as i'm accustomed to alt+type
ebassi: I think the search designs did call for separate sections for the results
ebassi: It's just that it's hard to do with a treeview, so we were waiting for
ebassi: But ListBox is not fast enough to scale to list `/usr` so we haven't
made the switch
grawity: yeah I suppose if I could choose to have the results sorted by name
(and prefix match first, substring match second)

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