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Re: How to get a "traditional" file-chooser

On 09/14/2017 10:56 PM, Daniel Kasak wrote:
> Come on. It's troll bait. 

No I don't think so either.  Responses like yours to issues like this
are really unhelpful to everyone.

> He comes to a gtk+ list, declaring his
> preference upfront to not use gtk3 because the "file chooser is
> driving me crazy". In what why is the file chooser driving him crazy?
> Unknown - other than it not looking like GTK2 or qt ( unknown version
> ) file chooser. 

> Just wondering: what apps use a file chooser anyway?

This propensity of people to say, implied if not literally, you're
stupid for wanting some feature you used to have is something that I am
seeing more and more in the community surrounding GTK and Gnome. It's
very disheartening.

> He didn't mention that either. 

Well, his app uses the file chooser. What more do you want?  Why would
he have to mention what other apps use file choosers? That you would
expect him to justify his use of a file chooser is bizarre.

> He does mention that "more and more
> applications of my desktop are ( being ) ported to GTK3". I'm again
> wondering which applications. If you're on Gnome or Cinnamon or
> whatever, you get *all* GTK3 apps, not a mix  Doesn't add up to me.

Huh? What are you talking about?  There are loads of apps that people
have written in GTK2 over the years. I'm quite sure you don't know of
many of them because they aren't part of distributions or desktop
environments.  I have one myself that you've never seen.

Any app that's written in GTK2, of which I'm sure there are quite a few
out in the world, many of which are specialized programs, are being
ported to GTK3, or in need of a port to GTK3 as the GTK2 framework is
unmaintained. Hence he's also porting his app to GTK3.  You should
applaud his desire to bring his app to the supported framework.

Instead of saying he's an idiot for wanting to use a file chooser, let
alone a GTK2-style one, maybe you should just ask politely about it,
rather than speak past him with "Anyway, would you like to tease more
information out of Clemens regarding what parts of the file chooser is
driving him crazy?"

Besides that you're recommendation to just use Qt if he doesn't like
GTK3 is certainly valid for new applications, but he's already invested
significant time in his GTK2 app, so the logical way forward is to port
to GTK3.

> However, note that I don't rock up to QT
> mailing lists declaring "Hey there donkeys ... I've tried really hard
> not to use QT because I think the calendar widget looks like arse. How
> about you make it more like GTK3?".

You're way off base there, bordering on trolling yourself.  He has done
none of those things, except to say that the GTK2 file chooser worked
very well for his purposes and he likes its features, which were removed
in GTK3. And wonders if we can get the GTK2 file chooser back. The
reference to Qt is incidental, in that Qt's file chooser is similar to
GTK2's file chooser (actually on my machine it's identical because it
*is* the GTK2 file chooser when using the GTK integration in Qt). Guess
he struck a nerve, which seems to happen from time time when a
programmer asks about a feature that has been removed or significantly
altered in GTK3 and Gnome 3.
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