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Re: How to get a "traditional" file-chooser


> Come on. It's troll bait.
Actually it is not.

> Just wondering: what apps use a file chooser anyway?
Evince, Firefox, Gimp (still GTK2), Eclipse, Geany (still GTK2), ...

> He comes to a gtk+ list, declaring his
> preference upfront to not use gtk3 because the "file chooser is
> driving me crazy". In what why is the file chooser driving him crazy?
> Unknown - other than it not looking like GTK2 or qt ( unknown version
> ) file chooser.

I actually sat down and compared GTK2 and GTK3 regarding the file-chooser.
The one and only thing that really bothers me is GTK3 starting a
search immediatly when I start typing a file-name, where I only would
like it to jump to the file/folder that starts with the letters I just
Is there any know to turn that instant-search feature off and return
to the more traditional "select on type" mode?

Regards, Clemens

(beside I frequently hit a bug where file-icons sometimes only appear
after forcing a redraw (scrolling, selecting a file).
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