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Planning the GUI

Hello list,

actually i'm working on a app which provides a gui for using publican
and xmlmind's foconverter.

The main tasks are:

* Create a new DocBook publication
* Build a publication (to pdf or anything else)
* Add a revision

For each task i already have written a class. So currently i working on
the GUI.

After reading the hig, i thought a Stack could be a good way. So
creating a "Create" (which could be the the first loaded ui), "Build"
and "Revision" stack.

With Glade i already prepared 3 ui files, which can be loaded by
changing the stack.

Could this be a good way?


Sascha Manns
Maifeldstraße 10
56727 Mayen

P: +49-2651-4014045
W: http://saigkill.tuxfamily.org

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