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Interactive search on GtkTreeView not working

Dear list, 
I have created an application on OS X El Capitan which has a GtkTreeView. 
Neither the start-interactive-search key binding nor the 'gtk_tree_view_set_enable_search()' works. It does not interactively search and when 'Ctrl+f' is press, the search bar is shown and focused, but nothing can be typed in it. Oddly enough, input can be copied, pasted or deleted, but when manually typing from the keyboard, the input is not shown. 
I have even modified the 'Ctrl+f' key binding to something else and it still does not work.

It also does not work on Glade. 

Just in case, the properties 'can-focus' and 'has-focus' are set to true. 

Any ideas? 


Kunoichi developer. Hattori Hanzo clan. 
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