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High level GI-based GTK3 bindings for the Nim programming language

I have uploaded the first public release of the high level GObject-
Introspection-based GTK3 bindings for the Nim programming language

If you have GTK3 and Nim compiler installed you may try them.

Install is currently

cd /tmp
git clone https://github.com/stefansalewski/gintro
cd gintro
nimble prepare
nimble install

In the future a plain "nimble install" for the Nim package manager
should work, but currently the initial git clone is necessary.

I have no idea if there is a change that that works on windows or
MacOSX, but at least for 64 bit Linux with GTK 3.22 chances are good
that install process works.

The git README already contains a small tutorial, but that is more for
Nim novices. People familiar with any GTK bindings or plain C GTK
should know how the Nim bindings can be used -- it may look a bit like
Python code.

Of course there is still much work to do for testing and improving, but
at least the few mostly randomly selected examples seem to work not
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