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Re: GtkGestures : gtk_gesture_get_point() and gtk_gesture_get_bounding_box_center ()

On 05.07, Prashant Kumar wrote:
> Hi,
> What is the difference between these two functions (
> gtk_gesture_get_point() and gtk_gesture_get_bounding_box_center () ) ? and
> which one of them would be best to obtain "zoom" and "rotate" gesture
> points i.e. the points around which zooming and rotation will happen.
> Thank you!!


If sequence is currently being interpreted by gesture , this function
returns TRUE and fills in x and y with the last coordinates stored for
that event sequence. The coordinates are always relative to
the widget allocation.


If there are touch sequences being currently handled by gesture,
this function returns TRUE and fills in x and y with the center
of the bounding box containing all active touches.
Otherwise, FALSE will be returned.

What's unclear?

Both zoom and rotate are multitouch gestures and you usually want the
center between the touches.
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