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Re: Cross-compiling GTK+, missing icons

On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 4:27 PM, Vilem Otte <otte.vilem@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm not the moderator, just a user who works with Gtk+ for quite
> some time... I've never tried to actually cross compile for Windows,
> while I did a full compilation on both - Linux and Windows (as I
> require certain OpenGL widgets support, which was quite poor for
> quite long time ... it got a lot better in past years).
> Icons, among other resources, are missing from the source itself and
> have to be "shipped" outside of the libraries in
> 'share\icons\STYLE', next to executable. I believe this is mandatory
> as of now. I had to obtain the style separately and add it to
> appropriate locations.

Windows PE executables have a nice feature where there's a resource
section which is by convention used for strings and also graphics like
the program's icons. This is common and natural on Windows, so if you
can load the file dynamically at runtime and set icons explicitly,
then provided your cross compiler is able to include the needed PE
section, you can build a self-contained file which is one .exe with
all the needed code and data/resources. This feature of PE files
is as old as Windows itself and will work, if that's a concern of
yours, if you can generate the desired .exe and can convince
GTK+ to load stuff at runtime manually.

> I'm not even sure you can include whole style for Gtk+ 3.x inside
> the library (although I might be wrong here!).
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