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Gtk tool-bar running icon under MS-Windows

When running a Gtk program under MS-Windows, there is a little icon that 
appears in the tool-tray bar at the bottom of the screen - one for each program
that is running.

Major applications like Word or Chrome have their own unique logos. 
But the icon for all my Gtk programs just shows the Gtk logo.  
I would rather display an icon unique to each of my programs. 
As it is, the icon is really just showing the graphics lib my program used.

I have been stumbling for an answer to this question in the Gtk manual, as
well as web searches, but have not come close to finding any discussion
that relates to this actual topic.  So any help in how to phrase this question 
would be appreciated.  I keep finding unrelated information, such as how
to make shortcut icons, since most websites are aimed at helping regular
users, more than developers.

Any ideas ?
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