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Re: How do I test my custom GtkPrintBackend ?

23.05.2017 10:41 Nilanjana Lodh <nilanjanalodh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  [...]
>  I am trying to develop an alternative CUPS backend  using the new
>  CUPS API - so it is going to list all the CUPS printers as well as
>  the IPP printers;

Is it supposed to land in the main gtk repo eventually? Instead of
developing a new backend you may consider updating the existing one.
I have a feeling that the maintainers will be more likely to accept
the patches for the existing backend than those which create a new
backend which is supposed to work side-by-side with another existing
one which would be nominated as deprecated but still would be around.

While you are developing it as a completely new backend my suggestion
is to make all your printer names have some visible suffix or prefix
so you will easily distinguish your printers from the original
CUPS printers (because I guess these will be two identical sets of
physical devices).

>  Also, is there a way I can test my backend without installing it
>  (to avoid messing with my system)- Is using JHBuild an option?

Unfortunately, again my answer is "I don't know" but IMHO JHBuild
is such a powerful tool that it may really help with your backend.

My another suggestion is to install the gtk source repository and
step inside gtk_enumerate_printers() with a debugger to see how it
loads print backend and how each of them delivers its printers.

I hope there are people around here who will provide more accurate


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